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Large Diameter with Edge Angle Fitting Method

Semi Scleral, High Myope PowerPoint Presentation from David Sweeney OD, Atlanta Ga


SemiScleral, Keratoconus and Transplant PowerPoint Presentation from David Sweeney OD, Atlanta Ga

Using sophisticated algorithms, Wave  creates designs for lenses as large as 18mm. Large diameter lenses can be spherical, toric or asymmetric. Below is an images showing edge lift on a 14.5mm lens on a post RK patient.


Edge Angle Fitting Method


Wave 's innovative large diameter fitting method uses the measured lens edge angle to guide you with peripheral design. This is the angle between the edge and intermediate curve. The greater the angle, the closer it is to the cornea and vice versa. The known edge angle of the first dispensed lens guides your adjustments to the second lens. In the  example on the right, the angle is 25. With fluorescein, you decide if the lens is too tight or loose and then make the appropriate edge adjustment to increase or decrease the angle.


Use Wave 's Trial Lens Feature


Edge angle fitting is complemented by Wave 's custom trial lens option. You can avoid the expense of a full cost lens and instead order a reusable, plano trial lens. (Think of the trial lens as a warranty lens before the actual lens with power.) Evaluate the trial lens then make adjustments to your 'first' lens design with power. In the future you can reuse the LD trial lens with known edge angle with new patients. Find the angle that fits best and design the lens with that angle.

This is a pt who was -5.00 before her rk sx.  Her surgeons staff sent her to us.  Now wearing Wave  semiscleral mf in each eye.  Other eye is +6.00 so big aniso w no lens.  Image courtesy of David Grosswald OD

Image courtesy of Peter Wilcox OD

Wave  Corneal-Scleral Lens - Salzmann's Degeneration

OCT of a Wave  center-near multifocal on a Salzmann's degeneration patient. 20/20 to 20/25 distance and near each eye. 52 yowf with 20/40BVA with spectacles. Red arrow references subepithelial deposits. Orange arrow shows clearance of lens vault.

Images courtesy of Peter Wilcox OD

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