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NightLensR Myopia Management Lenses

Why settle for 'close' when you can have 'exact'?

Myopia management lenses are not just another orthoK lens. Quite the contrary.  Myopia management lenses may be reverse geometry, but the similarities end there. Ideal myopia management demands precision.


Experts agree that for the most effective management of myopia smaller optic zones are preferred. With Wave this is just a simple adjustment with the mouse to create a smaller optic zone and larger treatment zone. Of course all other lens parameters are adjustable as well.


What really sets Wave apart from other systems is Wave's ability to independently adjust the exact placement of the optic and treatment zone (in 0.10mm steps) over  pupil center. Just click one of four arrows to position either zone. Use this feature in the initial design and or, if needed, after dispensing


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