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WAVE can help with your reopening efforts!


Contact Lens Fitting during the COVID-19 pandemic has become more challenging to say the least. As eye clinics are reopening, the eye care professionals are carefully putting protective and cautionary measures in place to protect patients, staff and physicians. A recent industry survey shows that most practices are considering shortened hours and minimizing interactions to reduce the risk of infection.


WAVE Contact Lens Software can help contact lens fitters completely eliminate the need for diagnostic trial lenses and reduce chair time significantly, while increasing first fit success rate.


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Wave  Contact Lenses Are Like No Other

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Using corneal shape data from the Keratron Family of Topographers, OCULUSĀ® Topographers or Medmont Topographers, Wave  Contact Lens Software quickly designs a custom GP contact lens with the most precise and comfortable fit available.


  • Follow the shape of virtually any cornea.
  • Single vision, front surface multifocal, toric/bi-toric, myopic/hyperopic orthokeratology (with or without a toric periphery). semi-scleral
  • Multiple aspheric curves as small as 10 microns wide
  • Rotationally symmetric, geometrically symmetric or asymmetric
  • Wave  recommends the starting custom design. You can make as many design changes as you wish with an easy drag-and-drop approach
  • Adjust any single meridian or combination of meridians, seeing the results in the simulated fluorescein map.


After you've finished designing your patient's one-of-a-kind contact lenses on screen, the Wave  software transmits the design to one of our lab's precision lathe. There's no form to fill out or time wasted 'on hold' when calling in an order. Ordering replacement lenses is simple. Lenses are manufactured in the US and Europe for delivery around the world.


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