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Ortho K, -8.75 -1.25 x 90 36 year old, white, female, multi year wearer. Image courtesy of Peter Wilcox OD


Molding with central astigmatism  Pre: -2.75-5.50x180 20/30+1, Post: +0.75-1.25x005 20/20-3   Image courtesy of Paul Levine OD

Pre: -2.75-5.50x180 20/30+1, Post: +0.75-1.25x005 20/20-3

The example below is certainly the extreme but this shows you what you can do--- CRT cannot!  This -11.75D young lady was as shy as she could be w her coke bottles- seeing 20.50 through glasses.  W OK she sees 20.40 and is now the star player on her basketball and volleyball team! Image courtesy of David Grosswald OD

Just thought you may like this: -6.50

 - 3.75 X 180.  Fitted traditional CS Wave oval optic zone.  This result was after 2 nights of wear. Now is 20/20. Gavin Cohen OD, Atlanta Ga.


Orthokeratology with a Medmont Topographer

Typically I design most corneal Ortho K lenses in GSym and rarely in Freeform.  Below is an excellent example of using Freeform for corneal design OK, the Rx is -2.25 -3.75 x 89 and as you can see, the cornea is highly asymmetric but I did need to resort to an oval treatment zone.  The results far exceeded my expectations residual Rx is pl -0.75 x 90 but she is 20/20-2 uncorrected and a very happy camper.  This was on the first lens.  ---  Thomas Weshefsky OD

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