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NightLens Therapy OrthoKeratology

NightLens is the Wave OrthoKeratology lens brand name (B&L VST overnight approved). Wave has offered orthoK lenses since 1999 and is the only provider of 100% corneal topography custom orthoK lenses. Custom lenses expand your potential patient population and income potential.


Wave’s NightLens Therapy Network promotes the power of OrthoK to the community with hundreds of practices promoting a single brand. A nationwide brand offers obvious advantages over generic ‘OrthoK’ lenses. Patients driven to NightLensTherapy.com use our provider network map (with sites around the world) to find the closest of hundreds of locations of NightLens providers. Patients benefit when you can assure that NightLens providers with standardized methods are available in case they relocate or wish to refer a friend or relative.


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