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Large Diameter Ortho K

"I thought I would share this LD mold case with everyone. I have a little girl (9 yo), with high myopia/astigm. I tried 6 different regular CM designs, with very little success. Centration was impossible, central islands, double ring, smiley patters, .. you name it, I had it all; did not know what to do anymore.


After attending Peter Wilcox et al lecture on LD corneal molds, I came back home and fitted a few of these hard to mold cases  I followed the concept I was taught with a little twist, designed oval, ballast prism and dot at 6 for insertion reference.


They all got better or MUCH better, the one I am sharing is the one of them.


The results are attached, pt is now 20/25 (like she was on specs), mom and daughter are finally happy and the school nurse wants to have us give a talk to parents at school. Everybody is happy."


Julion Arroyo OD Houston Tx.

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