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Hyperopic Orthokeratology

Q. Has anyone had success with molding a low myope (-0.50) into a higher myope using hyperopic molding techniques  in order to establish better near VA and compensate for presbyopia in a  60 y.o.

A. Attached is  a design for my eye, un-molded –1.00-0.50 x095, I am 58, so need a little more help at near.  My target near power is –1.75 but I wanted to minimize the distance blur.  I input my rx power as +0.75, (taking me from a –1.00 to a –1.75 post mold centrally but less minus toward the peripheral).  I used a thick lens, .30 center and a little loose superior and inferior to decenter the lens molding inferior thus putting the near add a little lower while still trying to get the best distance vision centrally. The lens is very comfortable. I am pleased with the vision. 20/25 distance, 20/20 near for this non dominate OS.  My OD dominate I use a traditional  ortho-K correction for distance. (Compliments of  Dr. Terry Lawson OD, Tulsa Ok.)

Lens design

Back surface of lens design

Before and after topography

OPD Scan

Wavefront power

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